How to start lettuce and kale plants from seed

Kale and lettuce seedlings in a cold frame

A look at some example cold frames

Transplanting lettuce and kale seedlings

Planting seeds for cool weather plants in a cold frame

How to prepare pots and planters with soil for planting

Two week growth of tomato and pepper plants that were seeded indoors

How to harden off your seedlings or nursery store plants

How and when to plant carrots from seed – start planting 2-3 weeks before expected last frost

Potting up tomato plants

How to fill an outdoor planter with flowers

How to transplant tomato plants into your garden or patio pot

When and how to harvest garlic.

How to save your cucumber or squash plants from powdery mildew

How to care for your tomatoes including how to prune out the suckers

How to build a squash or pumpkin trellis so you can grow them vertically

Garlic-How to plant it in the fall so that you have a successful harvest the following summer

Carrots, kale, and celery – vegetables that continue to grow even after a light frost or snow


Using frozen and dehydrated peppers in a veggie chili

Black bean quesadillas and also butternut squash soup

Make ahead pizza crust

Potato bacon onion sauteed red pepper fritatta

Cornbread stuffing made with fresh herbs and sautéed garlic, celery and onions

Making homemade tortillas with only five ingredients

How to quickly make an easy pasta dish called pasta carbonara (bacon and eggs pasta)

Barbeque sirloin roast with rosemary garlic rub and slow cooker italian wedding soup

Making kids favourite slow cooker bean burrito spread and biscuit-like scones with dried fruit

Making pies using the Cansanity Busy Life Pie Crust recipe

Rhubarb Delight Squares and Rhubarb Cake With Lemon Nutmeg Sauce and some fun facts about rhubarb

How to harvest and cook with garlic scapes

How to make and can strawberry preserves, make Saucy Strawberry Pie and dehydrate strawberries

How to make and can your own sour cherry preserves and how to pit and freeze sour cherries

How to make red currant jelly

How to make gooseberry jelly from gooseberry pectin stock

How to make cherry olives and how to make tarragon vinegar

How to make and can blueberry jam- “Blueberry Jam Gone Wild” made from any variety of blueberries

How to make and preserve the best dill pickles using the water bath processing method

How to make and preserve a delicious relish made with cucumbers, peppers, celery, onion and apples

How to make the best chunky tomato salsa and to preserve it using the water bath processing method

How to preserve bell peppers by making “Pickled Roasted Bell Peppers with Hot Pepper Rings

How to make the best hot pepper jelly and how to preserve it using the water bath canning method

How to easily use a KitchenAid mixer & the fruit/vegetable strainer attachment to process tomatoes

Making apple butter and how to preserve it by canning using the water bath processing method

How to roast fresh pumpkins to make pumpkin puree to use in pumpkin pie and baking

Pumpkin pie from scratch using fresh or canned pumpkin puree and how to determine when it is done

Cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving or preserve it for Christmas by canning using the water bath processing method

Pickled eggs- How to get fantastic flavour and tips on the best way to prepare eggs for pickling

How to make low calorie cottage cheese pie and how to make oven sun-dried tomatoes

Pierogis (perogies) from scratch, how to make the great dough and potato cheddar cheese filling

Squash ravioli made easily using wonton wrappers and roasted squash with a rosemary olive oil sauce

Guacamole-and preserving mashed avocado with lime juice by vacuum sealing and freezing



















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